Welcome to Tallinn Hash House Harriers - "small, but low quality!"

"a drinking club with a running problem..."

-> (Hash photos http://album.hv.ee/HHH/ )

Upcumming events

TITI 2020 - Tallinn In the Ice on 5 - 8th of March!
TITI 2020

-> (More misinformation and registration - last seats available!!

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKPgypLOwqRGMjX45EX8oi5o0-Y3EoSEMLCOnrgThFuV7llA/viewform/ )

Danish Nash Hash 2020 in Tallinn on 26 - 28th of June!

-> (More misinformation and registration

https://nashhash.dk/ )

Interscandi 2021 in Tallinn on 27 - 30th of May!

-> (More misinformation

Facebook group: Interscandi 2021 Tallinn (27 - 30th of May)


Future regular runs:

TBD (Hares wanted! Send an e-mail, if you are visiting Tallinn, we'll do the run or social drinking!)

Whereabouts and official Pubs?

All summer schedule runs will be on Tuesdays and start @ 7PM (unless noted otherwise)
All winter schedule runs will be on every other Sunday @ 1PM (unless noted otherwise)

Summer schedule run's meeting point: Raua/Kreutzwaldi streets' junction @ 6.45PM (unless noted otherwise)
Winter schedule run's meeting point: Beer Garden@ 12.45PM

Official pub: "Beer Garden"
Address: Aia 10, Tallinn

Look for a crowd of dodgy looking people!


GM "Stains the Couch"
Phone: +372 5088537

"Short'n Curlies"

Google Groups "tallinnh3" group
Facebook page


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