Run no 400

Tallinn HHH Run No 400


About +1 decrees.
Wet ... and i don't have to say that again.

Distance: More then 5km ... lost count.

Participants: Lots and lots of drunk estonians. (~20 ppl)

Hare: There was no Hare, that was a Bup Crawl!

Media: Pics

Wohoo, Tallinn Hash House Harriers 400th run!

So we gatherd at Islandi väljak as usual. The message was sent, that this run will be a „Pub Crawl" type of run ... so they warned us not to take a car, cuz after that crawl, none of us could drive for 2 days.

Anyway, the mood was good. Weather was cold nad it was raining, but we managed to keep our heads high. Ofcourse, we had some Jagermeister which kept us warm - what else do you need?

Now then. We formed a circle and our beloved GM, Stains the Couch, performed hes speach. That was great and after we shed our tears, we had some more Jagermeister =-)
OK OK, actually, we formed two equal teams. Both teams had to run through all pubs in Old Town, buy atleast one beer, take a check to prove they were there and ask barmaid for affirmation. Well, sounds simple enought ... but beleave me, wasn't.

We ran through pubs and drank beer ... and some more and some more. Some of us were in a pretty good mood after we finished at Molly Malones pub. The party continued until midnight and then some sharp mind made a suggestion to make a Hash circle right in the middle of Raekoja square ... and ofcourse we did! Cofy got he's new name „Peeping Tom" and noone was arrested. Thanks all for coming!

Hookes Sniffer.