Run no 404

Tallinn HHH Run No 404

The Christmas run


About 2 degrees.
No wind.

Distance: ~5,592 km


Participants: Stains the Couch, Hooker Sniffer, Cofy, Mikk, Short'n Curlies.

Hare: Hooker Sniffer

Media: Pics


Alright, it's Christmas!

It was lovely Sunday when i went out putting down a christmas trail for fellow Hashers. I knew it was snowy, so i used corn flour insted of regular wheat flour.

We gatherd in front of Nõmme Ujula, at the parking slot. Stains the Couch brought a thermos filled with mulled wine and because it was pretty cold, it came in handy. Thanks for that.

So we took off! I was afraid that dogs and birds are going to eat my flour, but fortunatelly it was there. We ran through long streets, took some shorcuts through parks and had some „shit-stops" for drinking wine. Ofcourse the trail contained a lot of false trails, witch made our Hashers mad. The run was kinda long for just 5 of us, but we made it to the end, had a nice circle and had some beer. We all hoped for a bigger groud, but what ya gonna do ... estonians, you know ...

Thanks for coming!

Hooker Sniffer