Run no 405

Tallinn HHH Run No 405



Dry(no dropings) Sunshiny. About 0 degrees. Slippery. Breeze.

Distance: ~4.79km


Participants: 6

Hooker Sniffer, Mikk, Peeter, Stains the Couch, Peeping Tom, Comes Frequently.

Hare: Peeping Tom

Media: Pics


It was cold, but sunny afternoon and a pack of Hashers gatherd at Islandi väljak on 1 PM. It wasn't so warm, but atleast it wasn't raining or snowing so ... a little running should keep us warm.

Peeping Tom set a trail near Ülemiste Keskus, so we drove there. Comes Frequently was late as usual, so we had some time to drink some beer and when she arrived, we were ready to go.

Trail was fairly long, as we ran through abandond railroad with nowhere to turn.

First stop was „Aljoša", the infamous monument. We took few pictures, and rest a pit, then we were able to continue our jorney towards beer.

This was he's first time as the Hare, so we had some missunderstandings, but i gotta say, he managed to set up a great trail. We had a circle on the field, behind of Tselluloosi Keskus. We had some meels afterwards inside it ... and played a 3 round bowling, witch was really great activity.

Thanks for coming!

Hooker Sniffer!