Run no 408

Tallinn HHH Run No 408

Swedish Special!


Weather: Perfect for drinking ... and maybe for some running aswell.

About -3 degrees.
Slippery(icy spots here and there).
Kinda Snowy.
Light breeze.

Distance: ~5.147 km + falses and checkings.

D Terminal(port) > A Terminal > Linna Hall > Paks Margareta > Toompea > Old Town > Raekoja Square > Hell Hunt pub.

Participants: 30+

5 estonian Hashers(remember our slogan) and ~28 foreigners.
Picture + possibly couple of slacker who were too drunk to sign theyr name.

Hares: Hooker Sniffer & Stains the Couch.

Media: Pics, videos


It was a nice day for some running and a group of Hashers gathered in from of D Terminal. Hashers from far away(Sweden, England, Germany, Spain, Ireland ect.) came all the way just to experiance our „Small, but low quality" Tallinn Hash. Our suprime GM, Stains the Couch, welcomed everybody and after a little while, we had a lift-off.

Since Swedish Hashers are well known athletes(especially Hashers), out start was really speedy and faster runners got a head of everyone else. Fortunately, the trail was good enought to keep those speede devils busy, so everybody could catch up. Fresh snow ofcourse was a lot of fun, so we had snowfights going on almost everywhere.

Our first Hash Hold was in front of Paks Margareta, where we waited for everyone and then charged in to Old Town, shouting all over the place! Thank god it was Saturday!

Shortly after that, we faced a lot of stairs ... A LOT of them. Climbing up was so hard, so we desided to wait everbody to catch up on our first S-View point.

Well, we took many pictures(one of us atleast) and headed out again looking for right trail which hopefully lead us to our beloved SAKU beer! Sadly, the track was very slippery, so many ppl had to use they behinds to glide down from Toompea. Everybody survived, so our trip continued. Running down stairs is MUCH better, then running up. After some decent running, we reached our final destination: Hell Hunt pub.

Just in front of Hell Hunt, there was a lovely greenery, where our circle was made. Guests lightend our avarage circle with some new songs, dirty jokes and ofcourse, turbulent humor. After we got cold, we went inside, had some meals and lots of beer.

Estonian Hashers thank you for your visit! Hopefully you enjoyed our #408 run as much as we did!