Run no 406

Tallinn HHH Run No 406



Fresh snow.
About -3 degrees.
Light breeze.

Distance: Unknown(live trail). Probable ~2 km.

Islandi väljak > Theatre "Estonia" > Toompea > "Pikk Jalg" street > Raekoja square > Molly Malones.

Participants: 6

Stains the Couch, Hooker Snicker, Mikk, Peeter, Short'n Curlies, Comes Frequently(who was late ... so late!).

Hare: Stains the Couch

Media: Pics

Tallinn Hash House Harriers run number 406. Obviously someone was too lazy to set up a decent trail, so we all know that that means right? Life trail, of course!

Stains the Couch took off about 10 minutes after 1 PM, so everybody could made it. But as we know, a lot of Estonians are afraid of snow, so we had only 4 catchers on the field.
We gave about 2 minutes head start, after that we ran off to catch the Hare. Our mission was harder due to the fresh snow, but somehow we managed to follow the trail made of white flour.
The Hare ran all the way up to the Toompea, so it sure was a lot of climbing. Road covering stones were slippery and wet, traffic made our journey difficult and The Hare fooled us using hidden markings, so we couldn't caught him. Luckily we found him near Molly Malones picturing some tourists - holding a beer on he's left hand and camera on he's right hand.

After that, we made a nice circle in the middle of Raekoja square. We talked about our exiting run ... and then she came. Frequently, but still. She was about an hour late, but she made it! Hurray for Comes Frequently! Anyway, she was asked into the circle and welcomed to our Hash.

Our On-In was in Molly Malones. Thanks for coming!
Hooker Sniffer.