Run no 414

Tallinn HHH Run No 414

Written by Priit aka Kalle87



Cold as f***.(3 decrees)
No wind.

Distance: Dunno!

Start under some powerlines proceeded to run through a what seemed to be the sooting location of "I am legend" except with more trees and fecies. (and no zombies)

Participants: Hooker Sniffer, Short'n Crulies, Peeping Tom, Swedish Tik, Priit(Kalle87), Mis möllad.

Hare: Short'n Curlies

Media: Pics


It was a cold day, the kind that makes your balls crawl back into your body. We waited at the meet but nobody else showed so on we went to the On-on where grabbed some beer for the road and off we went. The hare warned us that he had set up an military style obstacle course, and true to his word and the hash song , the trail was shitty and littered with obstacles and enemy activity: some weaklings running and bicycling round the woods with maps , who needs maps when you can hash !

Didnt find any dead bodies fortunately so we were free to proceed to the On-in at Vana Villem.