Run no 489

Tallinn HHH Run No 489




About +8 decrees
Muddy and wet

Distance: 4-6 km maybe
Area: Kalamaja area

Short ´n Curlies(RA)
No Wasted Sperm
noname Aivar aka Aiku
noname Hegne aka Pipi
I´m a Little Teapot(estonian, who ran in Stuttgart, got he's name from Munich, lives in Tartu, but will come to Tallinn)
Pole Dancer
Captain Slow
Hooker Sniffer
Lady Gaga

Hares: Spanish Fly + hes darling Ave


Media: Pics



First, i want to say that it has been over 2 years since my last Hash Trash, so as you can clearly see, i'v been lazy like hell during those long days. But whoever gives an ass, i'v done some pictures, so HERE is the place where you can see that we are not completely extinct just yet.

Anyway, it was the last winter run, so as you can imagine, the weather was really bad ... for running. There was water everywhere, lots and lots of it. Most of the trail was covered in ice, so truly the best place to be ... but we made it throw somehow.

Our pack met at the usual place at 1 AM. We met a new estonian guy from Stuttgart HHH. He got hes name "I'm a little Teapot" from Munich and now hes back from Germany to join Tallinn HHH, so he can share hes experience with all of us. Isn't it the sweetest thing? So after that, we drove to the starting point.

Right now we have some problems with our Beer Masters, so we just collected our fees and one of the Hares decided to get the beer for the pack. Meanwhile, i kicked down with some "Father Abraham" for the fellow Hashers. That was the first time for THHH ever, but at least i was having fun.

So, we got the beer and headed off. The trail itself was ... well, really bad!!! It was so wet and slippery, so we must have been really lucky to survive the whole thing. Poop everywhere made us curse and trail marks were kinda weird. Sometimes it seemed like someone was trying to put down a dot, but slipped ... and somethimes it looked like an arrow, except they forgot to finish it, so it looked like a straight line, nothing more.

We traveled across the Kalamaja area to Kadriorg, then took a turn and ran back. It wasnt a circle, but close enough. When we finished, our shoes were wet, legs hurt badly and everyone had to pee for some reason ... oh yeah, we ran out of beer, so we had to take some fuel along the way from Statoil.

After that we had a circle, where we learned about the truth about I'm A Little Teapot's identity. Beer drank, we headed to some bub to eat ... which name i can't remember ... all i can say is it had yellow wooden walls(like every other house near that area).

This ends our "winter schedule". Our next run will be on tuesday, 7 PM at the usual place! Be there or BE there!

Hooker Sniffer!