Run no 490

Tallinn HHH Run No 490





Warm, like 6-8 C'
Sunny(til the sun set)
No dropings
Shitloads of SHIT everywhere!

Distance: Like 4-5 km


Hooker Sniffer
noname Pipi
noname Aiku
Lady Gaga

Hare: Tilted Dick


Media: Pics



Dunno what happened to the people coming from the downtown, cuz i went straight to the starting point, which was at the entrance of TTÜ's main building. So, we knew that Tilted Dick was a great Hare(of screwing everything up), we start off very suspiciously. About 200 meters from the first dot, he decided that running on the road or sidewalk would be too easy and boring, so we ditched everything and went straight for the wilderness, across and over the freaking mountains of snow!

We proceeded throw woods towards to Nõmme hill - hes favorite place to run up and down hills until everyone is half dead. Fortunately, he thought about it and decided it's too harsh even for himself, so we took a little turn and went up there from the sidewalk(thank god).

From up there, we penetrated the bridge, took a few steps back, then turned 180', then headed down for 50m and took a Pole Turn(too bad our Pole Dancer wasn't with us). Everyone was like "What the freaking ass F**K was that?" From there, the "Real Shitty Trail" began!

Yeah, it was purely made of SHIT! At some point, i was completely sure that he made this trail using hes own poop, because those flour dots were barely seen comparing to all that shit laying around. Well anyway, we were on top of "Vanakas" and the trail went down hill. Most of the Hashers thought that they will just walk, but me(Hooker Sniffer), Aiku and Lady Gaga thought we are too lazy for that and we just let it slide ... on our backs or butts! Lots of fun, which gave us a down-down later in the circle.

Because it was geting so dark, we decided to quit early on and headed to Nõmme Keskus for a quick circle. All of a sudden, we saw a very bright light rushed throw the sky. The next day i found out it was a freaking meteor!

Thanks for everyone for cumming and see you next time!

Hooker Sniffer