Run no 491

Tallinn HHH Run No 491




About +8
No wind nor dropings whatsoever


Bout 3-4 km


Still only known as Pipi
Still only known as Aiku(seriously, noone knows more about those two)
Swedish Tikk
Martin aka MoMo(only known to RA ... )
Short n Curlies
Sperm Bank


Hooker Sniffer
Tilted Dick

Umm ...


The run started at Siili peatus , behind the convenience store. It was the bestest run ever, the sun was shining, the trail was nice and of appropriate length. Infact everything was so perfect that all the hashers decided to skip the running and go for a leisurly stroll insteadtrail led us through a magical rainforest filled with magical floura and avians to pleasure all senses. We then decided to have a rest at a raging river and watched the majestic waterfall for a while, since everybody was knackered from walking 400m. Everywhere the eye could see there was free beer and pretty women for the men and pretty men for the women (i should remind you that hashers are well known for being the prettiest organisation out there). We laughed and frollicked around in the grass for a while but alas then came the time to finish the trail. And so we did , at a brisk walking pace, then the majority decided that checking for trails around the checkpoint was for fools and it was decided that all the upcoming hashes would have no checkpoints. All offenses were punished in the circle of love and happiness.

Yours truly,
Tilted Dick