Run no 492

Tallinn HHH Run No 489



Light breeze
Lots of molehills
Partly snowy


Distance: ~5km(4 km for walkers, 7 km for FRB's)



Hooker Sniffer
Tilted Dick
Oka Aiku
Some weird guy called Blu3T0ne
Pole Dancer
Lady Gaga
Shorten Curles(says so in the HashNote book of Shame) (suppose it's RA)


Hare: Swedish Tikk


Media: Pictures



The run started and ended at a picturesque by the sea at the Pirita yacht harbor with seagulls cooing all so nicely. The trail had obviously been set when he was trying to break into to the main harbor building and the flower had just fallen out of the hares backpack when he was finding his way into the building , as it followed the contour of the building too perfectly. It was then apparent that he had been spotted and ran away from THE MAN ! (dun dun dunnn) as the trail was set erratically, dodging off the road for a little bit only to go back to the road not even 10 meters further on, constantly ducking behind bushes. He finally got away at the Pirita Selver after running through a swamp, where seeing as he actually didnt make it into the harbor , the police figured they didn't want to get their feet wet.
Another thought would be that missleading helicopter mark in the middle of the road. Maybe they thought he took off or something and canceled the search.

This was about the time we discovered a brand new Hash term - molehill is actually a pile of shit in disguise!!! Aiku got rewarded properly for this awesome idea later in the circle!

Then he found his inner artist and the love for the male form and drew a male fertility idol(which pretty much consisted of 2 feet, a penis and a head) it is understandable that it looked iffy because as we know, if you're beautiful (like all hashers are) you can get away with doing dodgy work. soon after that he got tired and sleepy ( like all men do after cumming ) and ended the trail near the Pirita river.We then went on to do the circle of love and happiness and to dine at the yacht restaurant, which was fucking expencive ...

Tilted Dick