Run no 493

Tallinn HHH Run No 493




Like +8C
No clouds ... as i told you, it was SUNNY!
Dry and dusty
Somewhat õllelumine


Maybe 4 km ... the guy who ran, took bout 2x of it.


Hooker Sniffer
Tilted Dick
Slip It In(wow ... took you fking long enough)


Sperm Bank


No pix. Who have some?


The run started behind the nõmme fire depot , but for some reason most of the people present decided it was a walking trail (despite the fact that The Hash House Harriers is an international group of non-competitive running, social and drinking clubs )and continued along at a snails pace . We had to jay walk across busy streets ( and this wouldn't be the only law breaking we would be doing on this run).

After about 2 km the hare decided that running on concrete was bad and took us into the woods (which meant we had to break the law) the trail made us trespass across the ski jump lot and run down a really rickety set of steps into a field of knee deep mud. After having safely navigated down the steps we had to run back up a muddy slope.

Slip It In, as clever and drunk he was, gave a birth to a new Hash term, at least for me. "It's spring and it's so warm out side. That big pile of white substance must be beer-snow(õllelumi)"

he trail continued up and down the hill again and finished just over the Nõmme pedestrian bridge. After we had the circle of love and happiness where hooker sniffer taught us the chorus for the Hash Anthem and everybody proceeded to get plastered. On After was at Nõmme Pub.

This time im too lazy to figure out Tilted Dick's handwriting, so there you go ... Hash Trash it is!