Run no 494

Tallinn HHH Run No 494




Live Trail, you do the math ...

Tilted DIck
Damsel In Distress
Slideshow Bob
Muki(btw, it's a shilds name?!)
Captain Slow
Pole Dancer
virgin Christo
Swedish Tikk

Stains The Couch and later Hooker Sniffer

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The hash started at Raua street where our beloved GM , who had announced that he'd be the hare over a week earlier, would be starting his trail. Low and behold we learned that he had decided to stain his couch and was going to set a live trail. But alas his long vacation had made his belly large and his feet wobbly and Hooker Sniffer caught up to him near Forum Plaza and was the new trail, from that point on there was a considerable improvement in the trail marking and our new hare was quick to finish like he often does at home during special time. We welcomed our GM home in the circle of love and happiness and tried to sing but it turned out that beautiful people don't need to sing, so our performances were pretty bland. On after in Lost Continent.

Tilted Dick