Run no 495

Tallinn HHH Run No 495




Sunny ect, ... springly
Warm, like 12+C



Was kinda great trail actually. Wasnt very long, but lots and lots of falses.


Stains The Couch
Tilted Dick
Peeping Tom
Comes Frequently
Slideshow Bob
One virgin whom i can't remember(ID please)
Yet another guy with no name(ID please)
Pole Dancer

Damsel In Distress
assist goes to Hooker Sniffer

Media: Pics



The hash started at Kalamaja with our gm wanting to have a brew with the neighbourhood kids. We were able to stop him and start our pre-run circle smack dab in the middle of a crossroads in the park, a most fitting place you have to admit as hashers are well known for their good looks and you should always flaunt it if you have it. The run started pretty uneventfully but with a lot of checkpoints, were talking about a checkpoint at the corner of every block. This along with other mistakes while setting the trail can be excused though as it was the first trail for our hare . She did get assistance from Hooker Sniffer but he must have been wanking in a bush somewhere while the trail was being set.

On the trail a wild crazy lady suddenly appeared and used gibberish attack and nonsensical threats on our beloved Numbnuts and Peeping Tom. ( Pokemon bitches,do you speak it) They were able to fend off her attacks by using the powerful ignore ability and the ability to run away like a little girl. The new temporary beer master must have got scared of the crazy lady as he ran right past the car where the beers were hidden without stopping to have a beer himself let alone offering some for his co-hashers.

The trail then continued on ,after running through the start , for about 2 km and we then continued on do the circle of love and happiness. In the circle we got 2 new names for hashers : Damsel in Distress (previously Pipi) and Slideshow Bob(Previously Aiku) and the assistant hare Hooker Sniffer was unofficially renamed to Hooker Sneaker. Slideshow Bob was named the temporary beermaster. On After was at Tomi Grill where the impending doom of the human race was discussed.

Yours truly,
Tilted Dick