Run no 536

Tallinn HHH Run No 536


Hashers attending were: Tilted Dick, Hooker Sniffer, Swedish Dick, Spanish Fly , noname „insert name here". Trail as ran by Swedish Dick „insert link here"



The trail was set by FLashy Lady .,a virgin hare, but that wont make us forgive her for the amount of running the average hasher had to do. We do have to commend her for providing ample opportunities for trail violations , bud sadly none of the „athlete hashers" were present.


In true H3 fashion , she had us practicing for delinquencies and running from the fuzz. The training course was rough , 8 km rough, with treterous neddle traps and swarms of mosquitos but all of us managed to escape , to my knowledge without a scrape nor a spilled beer.



In the Circle our temporary RA , hooker sniffer, tried to make us practice singing the Hash Hymn but failed due to mostly Tilted Dick being true to his name. Shows him from trying to improve our small but low quality hash.



The On-After was at the Tondi Pubi after being turned down at the Collosseum pizzareia(food and service were surprisingly good, should visit again).


It was suggested that Hooker Sniffer should be officialy nominated as the RA as soon as the GM retuns.