Run no 538

Weather: 14+C , cloudy

Participants: Open Your Hooker, Suitcase Bunny, Noname Margus/kurikala, Swedish Tikk,Spot a Dick ,Tilted Dick , Slideshow Bob.

Distance: The trail was set by Sperm Bank on short notice on a rainy day so we have to give the hare a bit of leeway but not too much.

The trail seemingly consisted of more arrows than regular on-ons but hey what do you expect from a guy who collects cum. The trail started and ended at the Tallinn Techical University .


Trail as ran by Swedish Tick, the dfl , , ofcourse as dfl he didnt have the luxury of running through all possible false trails, not that there were any but there was a possibility. But thats neither here or there. During the run spot a dick sadly came down with a bout of fucked up knee-itis and couldnt finish the trail in true frb style.


IN the circle we celebrated our glorious FRB , titled dick and damned the dfls : swedish tick and suitcase bunny.

In true th3 fashion the circles were led by our temporary RA: open your hooker.
And we finally did a run through of the chorus for the hash hymn, which was nice, since nobody apparently gave a hoot at the last hash. Come to think of it what did happen at the 537th run ?


On after was at the hiiu pub where we watched France trounce Estonia in football,service was as nothing exceptional.