Run No 539

Participants: the sausage fest attendees were: Swedish Dick, Hooker Sniffer/Open Your Clam Ma'am (make your mind up already), Slideshow Bob, our beloved GM Stains the Couch, Tilted Dick and noname Margus.



Summary: The run was monumental in many ways. Firstly, it was the first run in AGES in which the GM actually took part in, instead of being skyped in, which is possible, though, but he never did, the prick. Secondly, the retirement of our beloved and incredibly trustworthy Beer Meister Swedish Dick, a suitable replacement has yet to be found and he/she will have big shoes and mugs to fill. Thirdly, the appointment of our NOW OFFICIAL replacement RESIDENT ASSHOLE - Open Your Hooker.


But enough about the on goings of the TH3, let's talk about the trail.



Trail: The trail was set by our GM Stains the Couch. It started with an unprecedented checkpoint followed by an even more unfathomable 12 on-on falsie. A great start to a great run I would say, and do say. The trail as ran by Swedish Dick (


The trail itself was fairly exotic as we got to see the not so common skiing during the summer time and peeing in bushes (which is pretty common at hashes but I just needed to make a second point).


The trail ended with separate trails for wankers and runners, the latter one being only 100m longer. That's to show how freaking awesome our wankers are, also note that every attending hasher is a self-confessed wanker.



As mentioned earlier we celebrated and mourned the passing of positions in our management but perhaps the most notable of all was the birthday of our gender-confused Open Your Hooker which was celebrated with a stroodel.



The on-after was at Lost Continent which to my great sadness does not serve any Saku products from now on :(