Run No 541



The trail was set by Open Your Sniffer/Hooker Clam and hashers present were Tilted Dick, Stains the Couch, noname Gert (later to be named Boner), Slip it In, Slideshow Bob





The hash was close to being cancelled due to weather but our daring and dashing hare dragged his sorry ass out of his house and set a shiggy trail in ~1h near the Laagri School area. Due to the early onset of Alzheimer's our GM left behind one of the hashers he was supposed to pick up and had to drive back to get him, making us wait for him WITHOUT BEER. A hash crime never ever heard of.


We finally started the run an hour later than usual and after the second checkpoint the GM, being the FRB he is, managed to get lost even though the hare signaled him many times to get back to the right trail.


Although the trail was fairly short two more hashers managed not to show up at the ON-IN, namely Slip It In and the hare. The remaining 3 (that makes 50% of hashers present) finished in true hash fashion - together.


In the circle noname Gert was christened Boner. It was decided that the next trail would be set by Stains the Couch and we would choose our hash badge at the next On-After




This run's On-After was at HIIU PUB. It was completely empty and had no big screen sports but it was late and fuck the football anyways.