Run No 546


The trail was set by Numnuts and hashers present were Tilted Dick, Hooker Sniffer, Spot a Dick, Swedish Tick, Pole Dancer, Suitcase Bunny, Sperm Bank, No Wasted Sperm, Stains the Couch along with two newcumers/visitors Estonian Idol and noname + hound.

The trail as ran by Swedish Tick


The trail was literally shitty, as it was flooded with poo, there were no false trails after checkpoints but instead they were scattered randomly on the trail. In addition, loads of rabbit hooks and a distinct lack of checkpoints on the second half of the trail (which is a trend you can see on almost every trail). There was a hash hold, but because the hare decided to be a wanker (which we already knew before) we managed to get lost due to his random trail marking. This gave the hound ample time to make friends. We also went past the hippodrome, where our GM got to see so many horse wangs that it made an impression so great that he absolutely had to comment on it in the circle.


The circle was a fast one, probably because the GM wanted to stuff his face full of sausage.

He announced a bike hash on the 15th - 17th August. Red Dress Run will be on the 24th of August.