Run No 547


The trail was set by noname Lindberg at Keila-Joa.


The participants were Tilted Dick, Spanish Fly, Venus Flytrap, Flashy Lady, Suitcase Bunny, Swedish Dick, Spot a Dick, Stains the Couch and Slideshow Bob. The trail as run by Swedish Dick It should be noted that it wasn't snowing at the time of the run and that Swedish Dick chose to go for the wankers trail which was made up on the spot. The runners trail was ~5 km long.




The run was a bit special because it was the hare's second hash ever. Which was a first one for our hash and I would imagine for many others if not for the most kennels out there. Granted Spanish Fly did arrive with the hare on site to help her set the running trail and to set the walkers trail himself but his presence before the race did not show up on the trail.

What did not help was the so called „Norwegian-style trail", meaning that there is only one trail leading away from the checkpoint. The combination of the „Norwegian trail", a novice hare and choice of setting made the trail challenging but very picturesque and interesting . I do have to say that you cannot really blame the hare here. I recommend we run there more because the trail truly was good.

They did say that they used 4kg of flour but presumably they used the bulk of it to bake a cake, which they DID NOT share with the rest of us, the bastards.

More notable offenses on the trail was the GM losing his whistle (probably wore the poor thing out from too much use)and getting lost on the trail, on top of that he did not manage to make up the ground and finished dead fucking last (by over 10 minutes). This gave ample opportunity for one or more hashers to go swimming while waiting for now no-whistle having GM.

The circle was short due to the poor performance of our GM and the discus throw finals of the XXX Olympic Games.


Next trail should be set by Hooker Sniffer.