Run No 550

Participants: Hooker Sniffer, Flashy Lady, Stains The Couch, Devirginizer, Swedish Tikk, Suitcase Bunny, nameless Liina, Spot A Dick, Slideshow Bob, Spermbank.


The Hare: Spermbank

Our meeting point was infront of the University Of Technology. Slideshow Bob was late, so lots of time was wasted in the beginning, but after 30 minutes of wanking, we finally got going. The trail went past the stadium and up on to the Nõmme hill. Spot a Dick led the pack and soon after the start, we were unable to keep up with him, so he just finished the trail alone and left before we got there.


The location was begging for climbing up and down the hill, so of course we did that a lot. The annoying things about Spermbank's trail was loops and leaps with the dots. The allmighty HashGod clearly states that the trail can go 360º in any direction from the Checkpoint straight from the Checkpoint, not „take a trail on the left, then turn right in 3 meters and right again to see the first check".

Overall, the trail was ok i quess. We finished it before dark, so mission accomplished.

On-After was at Pirosmani.




Hooker Sniffer