Ron No 551

OK, so this trail was awesome. One, the trail was long enough to actually run it. Two, the place was choosen to be on terrain, so no asphalt. Three, we ran throw places many of us had never been before.


Our trail started already in the middle of the forest and we ran on the wodden path on the peat moor. The weather was great, and sky was clear most of the times and everyone enjoyed it from the beginning(i think). There was lots of false trails, witch was great, because we have had so many trails with barely any falses on it lately.

So, on the 4th km or so, we found a trail through a narow parth witch led into the wilderness. Through there, our SV was on top of the watchtower. Many of the pack was never been there before, so we took a picture and proceeded. The ending was straight 5km run from there, so it took a lot of time when DFL's finally got there.

Cheers to the Hares Swedish Tikk and Liina.



Hooker Sniffer