Tallinn H3 600th Run Weekend on 6-7th of June 2014



Hereby, the „small, but low quality" Tallinn Hash House Harriers announces the 600th Run Weekend on 6-7th of June 2014

Fee is 15 EUR and it includes TH3 600th Run T-shirt +cold beer and soft drinks after the run.

Schedule for Tallinn H3 600th Run Weekend:

Friday, 6th of June

19:00Pre Pub Crawl gathering at Mad Murphys Irish Pub (former Molly Malone's), Raekoja Plats (Old Town Hall Square). Warm-up drinks, Pub Crawl T-shirts, etc. Note, Pub Crawl is free, but you pay for your own beer and food. 20:00Depart for Pub Crawl (we use the same Eurohash 2013 map for misnavigation...:-) )


Saturday, 7th of June

10:30-11.00Mad Murphys opens. We have reserved the backroom if you care to dine or rehearse the drinking for Tallinn H3 600th run. Money will be collected from late arrivers and T-shirtsdistributed. Welcoming the guests. 12:00Start of the run This will be an A to B run and set by Stains the Couch and Hooker Sniffer. Runners/walkers trails. 14.00 - 16.30 Drinks/food at either Beer House or Beer Garden (will be noted before the event) 20:00 Pub Crawl commences from Mad Murphys...


If any questions, contact the mismanagement:

GM - Stains the Couch(+372) 5088537 tallinnh3@gmail.com

RA - Short'n Curlies (+372) 58127952 renkas@gmail.com

GM Stains the Couch
Phone +372 5088537

Tallinn H3 - "small, but low quality"!